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Corey Associates, Inc. (CAI)
Cooling Source, Inc. (CSI)
Delaware Valley Corp. (DVC)
Electrowise Huntsville LLC
Form Manufacturing
Rayco Electronics Manufacturing Co.
Resistacap Energy Products
Shimifrez, Inc.
Xymox Technologies, Inc.

These are the Manufacturers that TDTPG represents

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Cooling Source, Inc., in its 14 years of innovation, has become a premiere heatsink manufacturer with a comprehensive offering of standard and custom heatsink solutions for a wide range of markets. From Thermal Analysis using CDF modeling and Design Assistance to extruding, forging, casting, stamping, machining, finishing and plastic injection molding, CSI owns the knowledge and technology to solve the most difficult of thermal dissipation challenges. Fin types encompass extruded, skived, folded, pin, zipper, cold forged, bonded and swaged. CSI is a market leader in Heat-pipe solutions and assemblies. We also offer a full complement of mechanical attachments, interface materials and our own fan product line. Low volume and ITAR sensitive production runs are performed in our domestic manufacturing facility while our ISO certified plant in China offers competitive Global market costs. Our Quality Control System including IQC, IPQC, OQC(QA), QE, CQE Procedure, Product Management Plan and SPC Control ensure that products are delivered to precise specifications. Reserved inventory for JIT or KANBAN programs, based on annual blanket orders, lowers customer inventory and operating when combined with just-in-time shipping. Cooling Source Brochures

Corey Associates, Inc. is a turn-key manufacturer of cable and wire harness assemblies, leads, cord sets, connector assemblies, and electro-mechanical assemblies. From prototype to production of low to high volume, we meet our clients’ needs during every step of the way by providing the engineering and creative support to meet the final demand objectives. Serving a number of markets including medical, military, automotive, appliance, communication, and industrial, CAI’s business approach is to partner with our Customers assuring CAI’s ability to be an extension of their design teams across the globe. With a broad range of capabilities including cable extruding, spiral and braided shielding, inner wire twist, AL-foil wrap, strand winding and molding, CAI can produce your construction. CAI has full in-house process and product test capabilities including multi-functional, pull & push force, hi-pot and high voltage testing as well as temperature, humidity and vibration testing. Our domestic and off-shore facilities are ISO Certified. We are in compliance with the Conflict Free Sourcing per U.S. Dodd Frank Act and adhere to RoHS and REACH. We practice 6S. All this assures our customers that CAI is capable of the most demanding necessities for processing and yielding finished products that meet strict quality requirements.

Delaware Valley Corp., a leading manufacturer of customized Non-woven Textiles, is devoted to developing fabrics for a myriad of end uses as desired by our clients. DVC is considered the industry innovator in low melt, Thermal-Bonding that lead to industry wide, recyclable products. Changing the polymer of the fiber, the weight of the web, the needle density, the needle pattern, the denier (coarseness) of the fiber, the ratio of low to high melt fiber, etc. yields a variety of ranges for the characteristics of the fabric. Ranges affected by these changes include porosity, wick ability, puncture resistance, abrasion resistance, stiffness, thickness, vibration mitigation, appearance (color & texture), etc. Finishing includes slitting, die cutting and laminating. Equipped with state-of-the-art production machinery and staffed with responsive and well-seasoned machine operating personnel, we are noted for the quality and cost effectiveness of our products and our rapid response and timeliness of order fulfillment. With a start in the Automotive industry, we now serve the Industrial, Construction, Medical and Consumer industries. ISO certified with testing to ASTM and SAE standards. With no minimum runs, Non-woven products are our business and Service is our Hallmark.

ElectroWise Huntsville, LLC is a Woman Owned, full line distributor of brand name Engineering and Production supplies, dedicated to offering the most advanced Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) control products and manufacturing supplies from the world’s premier brands. For over 25 years, Electro-Wise HSV has been supplying the electronics industry with superior quality soldering and desoldering tools, hot air rework stations, smoke and fume extraction systems, and a wide assortment of accessories and related equipment for the manufacture of electronic circuit boards and cable assemblies. Products include cutting-edge ESD solutions, Lead-free and high temperature soldering products and disposables. Services include Bonding Programs, Inventory Replenishment, custom mat cutting and more. ElectroWise Linecard
Partial list of Manufacturers and products offered:
ESD Matting, Ionization, Testers, ESD Smocks, etc. from Desco and Transforming Technologies.
Workbenches and Chairs from IAC, Production Basics and Bevco.
Soldering Equipment including high quality soldering and rework stations from Hakko.
Material Handling Wire Racks, Carts, Totes and Plastic Bins from Metro, Quantum and CCI.
Inspection Systems, Microscopes and Magnifiers from OC White and much more.

Form Manufacturing is a full-service custom plastic injection molder, specializing in decorative finishes, assembled components and over molding. Form Manufacturing has a staff of designers and engineers to support development activities or provide design-for-manufacturing support. With both domestic and off-shore manufacturing facilities, Form can support a wide range of production volumes and project objectives.  Form is familiar with molding many thermoplastics, including ABS, PC/ABS, Nylon, ASA, Polycarbonate, among others, and our decoration technologies include IMD, chrome plating, hydrographic dipping, hot stamping, pad printing, screen printing, paint and PVD.  We employ in-house, 3-D Printing for rapid and low cost prototyping. We have robust quality systems and have developed material and decoration combinations that stand-up to the some of the harshest outdoor conditions.  You can find Form’s components in many industries including specialty automotive, lawn and garden, as well as commercial and residential appliance and food service.

Rayco Electronics Manufacturing Co. is a Woman Owned manufacturer of custom engineered magnetics supplying high reliability products for over 70 years supplying the automotive, lighting, communication, transportation, commercial, industrial, medical and defense markets. With a rich tradition arising out of its beginnings as a supplier to the Aerospace and Defense industry of Southern California, Rayco is certified by over 25 of the largest Mil-Aero contractors in the US. From board level signal, surface mount and planar to ATRU, TRU and large power magnetics, Rayco enjoys a superb track record of technical expertise, among the best in the industry, that includes a history of producing 40,000 custom parts. Rayco offers ITAR compliant (Registration Code M34829), domestic AS 9100 and ISO 9001 certified as well as low-cost, off-shore production.  We maintain a large and versatile portfolio of production skills and equipment operating in our domestically located 50,000 square feet of high bay production space that includes certified J-STD-001 Soldering expertise.

Resistacap Energy Products is a turn-key source for custom batteries, battery packs, and battery chargers. Since 1975, Resistacap has provided custom battery technologies to OEM markets where electronic components and energy storage systems are crucial to new product success. We are a certified designer, integrator, and franchised manufacturer of custom battery packs that enable portable electronic products to be more dependable, smaller, lighter, and longer running. Resistacap Energy Products’ team of design Engineers develop 1s to 16s (250mAh to 40Ah+) power storage solutions including Protection Circuit Modules, Smart Chargers (BMS) in soft pack and hard plastic enclosures. The Engineering staff is trained in the features and benefits of batteries from many manufacturers, offering various chemistries, we can design a battery pack, including cell selection, packaging and charger, to meet any demanding application, agency and regulatory requirement. Our commitment to product satisfaction does not stop at the shipping dock. Reisistacap supports regulatory testing such as UL2054, IEC62133, UN38.3, UL1310.

Shimifrez, Inc. has over 35 years of experience in the field of micro metal fabrication with innovative Photo-Chemical Machining (PCM) and Micro-Forming know-how.  This wealth of experience includes creating critical components for satellites and instrumentation, micro meshes/grids and super fine sieves, lead frames, ultra-micro metal parts, shadow and sputtering masks, fluidic channels, reticles, shims, targets, RFI/EMI/ESD board level shielding, heat sinks, Bipolar plates and consumer wearable technologies. Components can be manufactured in stainless steels, nickel alloys, beryllium copper, Metglas, Hastelloy, phosphorous bronze, kovar, inconel, DCB substrates and aluminum alloys to name a few. The PCM process can offer economical alternatives to stamping, punching, laser or water jet cutting, or wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) for thin gauge precision parts resulting in stress free, tight tolerance parts.

Xymox Technologies, Inc. is the Human-Machine Interface solution expert enabling the power of touch through Membrane keypad and Capacitive Touch sensor technologies for the Consumer, Appliance, Industrial, Medical, and Defense industries. Custom Engineered in-house, Xymox products are be built in either our ISO Certified domestic facility or by our off-shore partners depending upon the location of our customer’s final product integration, cost and knowledge sensitivity. Our dedication to advancing the science of Touch Control requires that we continually update our manufacturing technologies and quality control systems. In-house Design verification, Environmental testing (including abrasion, life and performance testing), and full production (printing through final assembly) assures that our products meet expectations and continue to perform for many years in the harsh environments that our customers’ products live in. The core of our business can be categorized as conductive inks printed on flexible substrates the capabilities of which take us to other, fine pitch printing applications such as Shields, Antennas and Security Circuits.  Our products have touched millions of people on behalf of hundreds of customers in dozens of industries around the world. If you have a challenging or imagined User Interface concept, Xymox will help you to reliably implement it.

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